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Minnemie Murphy

Terri, thank you for sharing such beautiful, tender words of celebration for the beauty of your grandmother (and the aged in general) on my blog. SO beautiful. I appreciate that you visited and beautified my blog with your words!

Judith Tetley

Hi Terri, what a beautiful introduction to your blog. You are a special person and I am so happy to have made contact with you. Thankyou for popping into my blog. Hope to do a new post that I have found my camera!! Lost it for awhile amongst the piles of art and craft in my!

Joanne Freeman

Love your blog. And love your passion. I am so glad we have met through the Flying class.
xx Jo

Dena Crownover

Hi Terri. You sound like a really fun person! I love this little bit in your story: "Angelic laughter and God’s love make people smile -- together we can create that kind of synergy and rock this world." I look forward to reading through your archives and being inspired.

I have family in Lake Charles - it's like a second home to me. Next time I'm headed that way, we may just have to meet!


Hi Terri,
I love what you have to say and share. I Have just discovered your site via the Inspiration card deck swap at the end of last year. Your card is one of my favourites : "To unpathed waters, undreamed shores" William Shakespeare.
Thank you :)

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