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Memory Flag for Memorial Day

Celebrating with the Fleur de lis

 A special mention in honor of those who have died fighting for our freedom here in the United States of America as we celebrate this Memorial Day Weekend.   

  Broken jewels, tattered lace, music notes and letters written over time with three fleur de lis as in the flags of Acadiana and New Orleans.  

Faded and translated held together with running stitches and a bracelet mailed to a sweetheart.


  No matter where they were stationed many traveled the globe,


fought and died from WWI to Vietnam, the Middle East and maybe even all the way back to the American Revolution as mine.  

 Layered antique pieces, remnants of our loved ones

remembered for our freedom.


 A fleur de lis memory flag 

 In Honor ofMemorial Day!

(tutorial tips below) 


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Blessings Terri

Tutorial Tips

I've previously talked about Lutradur, a spunbounded synthetic fabric.  I stamped the fleur de lis with acrylic paint, then I ironed on magenta foil.  I had fun burning/distressing  the Lutradur with my heat gun.  The acrylic paint acts as a mask, so the fabric will not burn in that area.

 I created a second layer when I printed music and lettering directly onto the Lutradur without a carrier sheet. 

The layers are white craft felt, the letter writing layer, the fleur de lis layer, some tattered lace and torn scrim.  Then the entire flag was covered with metallic pink organza.  Make sure enough of all the layers show through.

Then I took embroidery thread and hand-stitched the layers together.  I used basic running stitches.  I wanted it to look pieced, not well put together, tattered and old.  I took jewels from bracelets, earrings and a necklace and sewed those on.  I did a little decorative embroidery stitches in a chain stitch. I hung the flag from a broken necklace.

I kept my pallete for the flag muted with antique/old fabric scraps and used only two other colors, pale pink and purple.

I enjoyed the process and journey this little flag took me on.  I hope some of these ideas inspire you and take you on a journey too.


Blessings, Terri ~ Would love to hear from you! ~ comment, share, tweet, pin or post ;D ~~


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Terri - I love your Memory Flag. Thank you for this tribute to our men and women who have given their lives.


Oh, that's lovely! What a beautiful piece. My grandfathers were in the Korean war, one died saving others never meet him. My dad's a Marine (several of my cousins are in the Marine Corp, Air Force and Navy). I worry for them but I admire them and all service men and women for fighting for our freedom. It's a gift we get everyday. Wouldn't it be nice if all the military got a gift for giving up so much. :) Great post!

Diana Evans

oh wow!! this is so beautiful and I am thrilled you shared it with us for Sweet Saturdays!!!

Timeless Rituals

A delicate and lovely piece. :)

Annette G

This is so totally gorgeous and a wonderful tribute. Happy PPF, Annette x


Love this work. Thanks so much for sharing and for the nice visit. xox

Cowgirl Red

Beautiful thoughts turned into art! Terah from CED


Such beauty here, I absolutely love this flag and the beautiful honor for memorial day!

mandy at eight is enough

Territory..this is a wonderfully textured piece...beautiful work...we celebrate our servicemen 25th April...our anzac day....its a special day celebrated with an early morning anzac service...followed by a cold beer...and a game of two up in the afternoon...a great Australian

Paula - Buenos Aires

I like the femenine feeling of the piece, also a reminder of those left behind remembering and loving in the distance. Very delicate and meaningful.

Terrie: Creative Explorer

Absolutely amazing! Truly a mixed media piece of art - I love all the layers and bits and pieces of this and that. Totally fun. Thanks for the visit and nice comments.

Minnemie Murphy

A very beautiful and meaningful piece - down to the very last detail.

Tracey Fletcher King

This is a lovely tribute...xx


Such a beautiful tribute. The piece itself is absolutely beautiful but with the story it is truly special.
Von. (APR)

Jennifer McLean

thank you for entering your lovely flag, it's quite unique and beautiful. I appreciate your participation in APR!

Rita McGregor

Very pretty! :)

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Such beauty here, I absolutely love this flag and the beautiful honor for memorial day!

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