Marblizing Fabric with Shaving Creme Part 1 of 2
Mardi Gras Ball Corset with Ribbon Embroidery

Marblizing Fabric with Shaving Cream Part 2 of 2

We're posting Part 2 on Marblizing Fabric with Shaving Cream.  Please read

Part 1 of 2 

of the tutorial to learn about the supplies we used, tips and technique tricks and additional resources used. You're sure to love all the little extras we learned along the way to make this fun project even easier!


Part 2 is more about the sewing and completing the outfits.



Natalie loved mixing the paint into the shaving cream.  She soon was doing it all by herself  -- laying down the fabric and scraping off the shaving cream/paint mixture. 



 Natalie chose the blue and silver colors mentioned in Part 1 of 2




Natalie laid her tshirt in the paint/cream and scraped it off after the freezer paper heart stencil was ironed onto the front of the tshirt.  The freezer paper acts as a temporary adhesive.  See the heart is covered and that area is the tshirt, but the blue area around the heart is the freezer paper.  Only the blue heart will show up on the tshirt.  

Don't forget the masking secrets revealed in   Part 1 of 2



 Sew, Sew Natalie



Natalie said, "Finally we get to sew."  Natalie learned how to measure her hem with a sewing gauge and then pin in place.  She's making sure she takes out those pins before they hit the "feed dogs."



Natalie helped measure the area for the waistband and then she sewed it down.  She had to be careful to keep her stitching straight so the elastic could easily be inserted.

Natalie is measuring the elastic needed for her waistband. Her mother helped her run the elastic through and secure at the end.  




 A Surprise for Sister Sophia



 We chose the purple paints for Sophia's outfit.  




And Natalie models her outfit while showing off the birthday present she helped make for her sister, Sophia.  Natalie sewed the hem and the waistband on Sophia's skirt too. She also learned the importance of measurements!




 Happy Birthday, Sophia!  What a big girl you are at 4!



 Drum Roll Please -- And the Grand Finale 


Natalie and all that sas!!  This picture was taken after she completed her outfit - which was the day after her 8th Birthday.  They are a couple of October birthday sisters.  

Natalie's the youngest fashion designer I know.  She looks quite "fashion forward and very hip" modeling her unique fabric creation in blue marbling. Her sophisticated full skirt with matching heart-t and headband is completed with jeggings and cool boots.  

Not only does  Natalie create one-of-a-kind fabric, she sews her own outfits and pairs them with store-bought fashions that definitely take her ensembles to the next level in girl's fashion.


Have any sewing questions for Natalie -- Ask, Sew, Sew Natalie

Blessings Terri - 


Don't forget to review Part 1 of 2 for all the tutorial tips and techniques and other helpful resources used.






Blessings, Terri ~ Would love to hear from you! ~ comment, share, tweet, pin or post ;D ~~


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