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Whimsies of Light - Meet Phoebe & Poof


What better weekend to introduce Phoebe Valentine than on Valentine's Day Weekend.  Oh, and, of course, her BFF, Poof!  Phoebe & Poof are characters in the upcoming series


Whimsies of Light




Phoebe Valentine is four years old and has quite the imagination.  She has imaginary friends, but are they imaginary?


 Phoebe says, "I can see angels and they talk to me.  We sing jingles together and they can lift me up, too."  




"I don't know about that," says Poof, "I think Phoebe a tad mad!"

 But all the Whimsies think Poof a tad mad, so who is really to say?  


Poof says, “I’m not a dog.  I’m royalty. I’ve got a pedigree and I'm the Queen Poodle.”

 Poof thinks Phoebe comes from a royal family because Poof hears Phoebe talking to the King.  So according to Poof, this makes Poof a queen,  She wears her crown all the time, so people can have joy in their lives. 


Really, Poof?  Really!

All Poof says is, "Umph! Umph! Umph!," with a turn of her head.




Phoebe and Poof play together all the time and Poof often gets Phoebe into trouble.  Poof seems to vanish when this happens, but

Poof says,"I take off my crown when I don't want people to see me. I simply vanish when I'm not wearing my crown. You can't expect to see a queen without her crown, can you?"


Really, Poof?  Really!

All Poof says is, "Umph! Umph! Umph!," with a turn of her head.




  Phoebe may be small, but Poof thinks she's fearless because she is not scared of Mr. Trumpet Moon. 

Phoebe says, "Poof don't be scared of Mr. Trumpet Moon. He's our friend."


But Oh! Poof does not go out by herself at night when Mr. Trumpet Moon is in full sight.  


 We asked Phoebe when we would meet Mr. Trumpet Moon and she said,

"Oh, oh very soon.  You will like Mr. Moon."

 ~ ~ ~ ~


 Phoebe & Poof can only be found in Whimsydom, a different place in time and space that drips from the universal honeycomb. Some things appear big and some quite small.  Whimsydom is a treasure within the golden circle of you and me and lies in the midst of the Third Kingdom. You can transverse from where you are to Whimsydom and back again all at the same time, but the only way to get there is through the heart of your imagination. In Whimsydom, even thoughts having meaning and that’s only the beginning.  


Until next time -- Let us know what you think of Phoebe and Poof, don't you just love them!  They adore reading your comments, so please leave several!


Blessings Terri

 copyright 2013/2014 - Morning Dewdrops - Terri L. Stephens 



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