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Whimsies of Light - Meet Miss Sunshine

Miss Aurora Sunshine is always smiling and full of joy. She lights up all of nature and says, " I can see your inward star." She is one of the characters in the upcoming series

Whimsies of Light 



Miss Sunshine is a good listener, so the Whimsies come to her often because she does not judge.  She warms their bellies and tells them secrets about themselves.

Miss Sunshine always reminds them to "take care of matters before I'm gone for the day, you just never know…”




Miss Aurora Sunshine is magic and often dances at night.  She sometimes illuminates the sky and creates a glow even on very dark nights.




 Miss Sunshine is our life-giving star and wants to be your friend.


Miss Aurora Sunshine can only be found in Whimsydom, a different place in time and space that drips from the universal honeycomb. Some things appear big and some quite small.  Whimsydom is a treasure within the golden circle of you and me and lies in the midst of the Third Kingdom. You can transverse from where you are to Whimsydom and back again all at the same time, but the only way to get there is through the heart of your imagination. In Whimsydom, even thoughts having meaning and that’s only the beginning.  


Until next time -- Miss Sunshine will be shining on you. Leave her a message or two because she loves hearing from you.


Blessings Terri

 copyright 2013/2014 - Morning Dewdrops - Terri L. Stephens 



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