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Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap - Create Multiple Possibilities


I've named my postcard, "Create Multiple Possibilities!"


The theme this year for the postcard swap is "Create!" My premise is that you can create many things with one idea.  I knew from the beginning that I would try various image transfer techniques from one image.  The image I used was a picture of an old Chevy Pickup Truck I had taken a few years back while riding around one Sunday afternoon with my husband. I actually made a tri-fold postcard.





The postcard is made entirely of paper and some of the lettering is stitched.  The truck is going in and out of the cornfield from various places on the farm at different times throughout the day. I used gel medium, TAP, critra-solv and transparencies as transfer agents.


I was going to stitch wildflowers, but a story began to form and rows and rows of corn were stitched instead to create a cornfield.  Isn't it marvelous that when you begin to create and stitch onto paper, your mind takes you elsewhere -- to memories old and new -- mine took me back to the age of ten. 


 And what was really fun is I translated my story from English to French, so my new postcard friend would be able to read the story without having to translate. -- So I've included the little story below in French and then in English -- 



 (from center to right)


-- In French -- L'histoire que j'ai utilisé comme j'ai été inspiré d'un ami d'enfance. J'ai vécu près de la périphérie de la ville quand j'étais jeune et derrière nous, il y a une ferme. Un de mes amis vivaient à la ferme et nous avions l'habitude de jouer dans les bacs coton et autour des champs de maïs. Mon ami avait quelques années de plus que moi, mais elle était encore très jeune. Je croyais qu'elle était tellement courageux pour conduire une camionnette à l'âge de 13 ans. Nous pourrions nous attendre à old rusty Chevy camionnette et elle serait drive me de haut en bas dans la tour de lignes les champs de maïs. Nous serions bump notre manière tout le long du bayou sur le bord du champs de maïs. Nous pourrions nous a frappé un grand nombre de fois, et nous aimerions aussi avoir des ennuis, mais nous sommes vraiment bien amusés. 



--translation --  The story that I used as my inspiration was from a childhood friend. I lived near the edge of town when I was young and behind us was a farm.  A friend of mine lived on the farm and we used to play in the cotton bins and around the corn fields.  My friend was a few years older than me, but she was still very young. I thought she was so brave to drive a pickup truck at 13 years old. We would get into that old rusty Chevy pickup truck and she would drive me up and down the turn rows of the corn fields.  We would bump our way all along the bayou on the edge of the corn fields.  We would get struck many times and we would also get into trouble, but we sure had fun. 



  (from left to center)


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And this French I do know,

L'amour, L'amour, Bonne Amie, C'est La Vie!

Love, Love, Good Friend, That's Life! 


Thank you and Blessings always, Terri 

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