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Whimsies of Light - Meet Miss Sunshine

Whimsies of Light - Meet Anton & Gumbo

Anton Featherstone is 8-years-old and full of imagination. Gumbo, Anton’s dog, is his best buddy. They go on adventures together and are characters in the upcoming series 

Whimsies of Light



Anton fixes and makes things from found objects and mechanical parts.  He puts twine, wires, gears, gadgets, wheels, rocks and pieces of wood in his back sack.


Gumbo loves to dig and he often finds hidden treasures for Anton to put in his back sack too.  




 Anton always has his back sack with him because he says, "You never know when things might come in handy." He even has a jar for insects and one for lake water and tadpoles. 


Anton says, “I keep dried-up snotted tissues and mix ‘em with lake water and glue ‘cause it’s really gross and sticks real good.”  




 In Whimsydom even dogs talk and since Gumbo loves to dig, he often says, “Phew, Wee that stinks!” because he keeps putting his nose where it doesn't belong.


Anton says, "Gumbo can smell like dirty socks found under my bed, but he retrieves really cool stuff." 




Together they live on the edge of Whimsydom near the Whombochee natural forest.  Anton camps out underneath his window most nights with Gumbo.  He often crisscrosses into Gumbo’s dreams and vice versa as they escape dangers with the Aborigines in the Northern Territory of Australia.


Are they dreaming or are these dangers real?

 ~    ~    ~    ~    ~


Anton & Gumbo can only be found in Whimsydom, a different place in time and space that drips from the universal honeycomb. Some things appear big and some quite small.  Whimsydom is a treasure within the golden circle of you and me and lies in the midst of the Third Kingdom. You can transverse from where you are to Whimsydom and back again all at the same time, but the only way to get there is through the heart of your imagination. In Whimsydom, even thoughts having meaning and that’s only the beginning. 


Until next time -- Let us know what you think of Anton & Gumbo!  They like reading your comments, so please leave several!


Blessings Terri

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