Whimsies of Light, new series for kids in 2014
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Whimsies of Light - Meet Viola & Lipstick

Hi, My name is Viola Marie Cello and I live in Whimsydom. Whimsydom is a different place in time and space that drips from the universal honeycomb. You can transverse from where you are to Whimsydom and back again all at the same time, but the only way to get there is through the heart of your imagination.  (copyright protected)




"I’m seven years old," says Viola. "I can appear in my own art which is cool, but a little weird, and it gets me into all sorts of jams. I definitely need to get this thing under control because Lipstick, my crazy cat, usually comes along."

 "You'll be getting to know Lipstick and me little by little this week. I hope we get to know you too."




 "Hi, I'm Lipstick that crazy cat, so everyone thinks," says Lipstick. "I'm a great hider. Viola tells me I'm not because my tail is always sticking up when I'm hiding.  I don't believe her. She took some pictures to prove it to me and my tail wasn't there. Viola is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Viola says that my tail is in pictures when I'm not hiding and isn't when I'm hiding. -- See what I mean.  I need your help."


"You'll be getting to know Viola and me a little better this week -- little by little, so please come along especially if you are a cat!"



Whimsies of Light is an upcoming new series of stories, videos, games and characters for children 4 & up. We're bringing light into the darkness through imagination & hope in 2014 and beyond.

(copyright protected)


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Viola and Lipstick are wonderful! I love your style of painting!

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