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Natalie Received Her Sewing Machine Driver's License

Natalie Haston is going to be quite the fashion designer. Her skills certainly matched her style.  Way To Go Natalie!

She is only 7 years old; yet she mastered her sewing machine skills today.  Although the test was not easy, Natalie put her first-grade smarts to the test.  



Natalie received her license and completed two designer pillows that would be a delight for any Barbie according to Natalie.  She selected the designer prints from an array of fabric options. She liked the peace signs and noted the the pillows are reversible -- that's designer instinct.

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Natalie's concentration is second to none -- 



Natalie mastered sewing in straight lines although she said she missed the road completely one time and went into the pond.

Natalie learned to slow down in tight places with her foot petal.  She turned corners with her "needle down, then pressure foot up, pivot, then pressure foot down." She learned how to use her sewing wheel by hand and how to backstitch.  

She knows the pressure foot is like her seatbelt and she doesn't sew without it!  She also learned about bobbins and "feed dogs." LOL!


Natalie took the "secret sewing pledge" and received her sewing machine driver's license.


What will Natalie be up to next?  We'll know in the next few weeks until then, you will find Natalie practicing by stitching straight lines and tight corners.  If you see her in the fabric store, remember she has her license.

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