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Whimsies of Light, new series for kids in 2014

Hello Dewdrops & Moonbeams.  Merry Chirstmas!  

We're back with impact - with a new series, Whimsies of Light, stories & characters for children 4 to 8 years old. We're bringing light into the darkness through imagination & hope.  We're starting small with big dreams for 2014! -- sound familiar?

I've been creating new characters since this summer for Whimsies of Light.  I'd like to re-introduce our white rabbit.  Her temporary name was Loppie, but she has evolved into a lively rabbit with a new name.

Her name is Tabitha. 




Tabitha was the first character created for the Whimsies of Light series.  She is sweet and loves to give others what she has sewn.




She was born with one ear longer than the other, so she just ties them together with a ribbon and goes on about her day.  Tabitha, with her long ears, hears what others may miss – she hears the voice of the wind. 




Tabitha is pretty with green eyes and a fluffy tail, but she doesn't seem to notice. "I just want to play and hear what people have to say," says Tabitha, "but sometimes that gets me into trouble.  You can help  me stay out of trouble by becoming my friend. Do you want to be my friend? I'd like that."


Get ready to meet the other characters in 2014 in the new series

Whimsies of Light 


Until then may Father God light your path as we seek the true meaning of Christmas through Jesus Christ.

 Blessings Terri




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