Artful Background Boards - Layering
Whimsies of Light, new series for kids in 2014

Whimsical Art - Meet Loppie

Loppie is a new character I created for a children's storybook I'm writing.


Loppie is a bunny whose ears grew together (to a point) and one is much longer than the other, so she ties them in a pretty bow.  Together Loppie and Lop (soon to be introduced) go on adventures together.



Loppie started with background layers like we've been discussing all week.  



Collage papers, scraps and patterns



Textures and colors and bling




Art Candy




I'm looking forward to introducing Lop later this summer.  So more announcements to come on Loppie & Lop Hear.


Blessings Terri


(Technique learned from Juliette Crane.  Thanks Juliette!)



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