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I love this art journal because it tells its own story

-- S  O  U  L !





I started sketching Molly Dolly concentrating on her face then her body.  I was going back to her arms, but was moved to complete her eyes and mouth - something I normally save for last. You know the expression "eyes are the windows of the soul" - her eyes immediately drew me in. 

I like the phrase, "...Molly Dolly touched my soul." because physically she can't touch, but she touched me deeper than through her hands. I saw her soul in her eyes. They so spoke to me.  "Molly Dolly has a heart of soul."

Have you ever been sketching, embellishing or painting and a inner voice screams, "STOP!"  Molly was not meant to be sketched with arms.




I remembered a doll given to me when I was young.  She was an old cloth doll. Her head and legs were wobbly and her arms were completely detached.  We had to put her together again.

And so began Molly with a question, "Would we love her just as much if she had no arms?"  Could we get past her handicap and see her, I mean really see her?  I think we can and if we can in a doll, surely we can in people - for no one is perfect and you have to seek their soul. 


Some of the techniques used in the art journal "Soulful Molly" are:



I used a paper bag as my foundation.  I painted wonder under with washed down acrylics (not on the release paper side), then it was ironed onto the paper bag painted side down.  I removed the release paper and ironed on silver foil in sections using parchment paper to protect my iron.  If you are applying foil in sections, try not to hold the iron over the areas not being foiled and cover all areas with the parchment paper.  Be patient ironing the wonder under onto the paper bag takes longer than ironing onto fabric.




I saw balloons floating away as I sketched Molly.

White cardstock was painted and lettered to create the balloons. They were then covered with blue organza to create a 3D effect. Molly and the balloons were glued down. A water soluable pen was used on her dress to achieve a watercolor effect. 




 The paper bag was backed with craft felt (8 1/2 by 12).  Layers were created with paint, machine and handstitching. 




The fabric leaves were roughly raw-appliqued on the bottom.  

Smaller embellished pieces were added in the shape of hearts made from molding paste.  The hearts were painted and embellished with beads.  An antique glass button was added to the center of the big heart.  Some of the glass beads are missing in the button and I knew I was supposed to include it because Molly isn't perfect either -- we all have pieces missing (maybe not visibly). 


I fell in love with Molly.  I believe this is only the beginning for Molly and Me - our journey -- expressions in art journaling!


Let me know what you think of Molly Dolly.  She loves comments too!

Blessings Terri



Blessings, Terri ~ Would love to hear from you! ~ comment, share, tweet, pin or post ;D ~~


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Oh, how beautiful! I love little Molly. You have done a fantastic job on this page. It's hard to believe you used paper bag.


nice work!


What a wonderful idea and creation, I love it and you shared some wonderful creative ideas, and it is wonderful that you are a part of Roses Journal Journey so we can stay connected. Marilou, My creative blog is Heartful Creations connected to LulusLovlies.

Kathryn Ross

Well, Terri - ditto - it looks like we do have a thing or two in common at that! Some of your phrases here I've been using for years. Guess none of us are originals - just a reflection of the same Heavenly Father - our Creator!

Molly Dolly - oh - I follow you here and can identify with your creative process. Really wish I had more time to devote to the collage mixed media stuff. Lots on my plate this year - did you check out my other blog I host with five other women - home schoolers all?

Adding you to my blog list - but can't find where to follow you here - any hints on that?

Also, looks like we'll be celebrating our Blogoversary in March - one year of creative blog adventures! I've thoroughly enjoyed my foray into all the inspiration to be had here! More to come!

Be in touch!

Darlene K Campbell

Molly is so cute. Love the base for your cover. Saw you at Roses so popped on over to visit your blog. Great!


what a wonderful entry! and I adore your idea of using a bag like that! I might actually be tempted to duplicate the idea, it looks so good.

Heather Foust

Thank for sharing your process with us. Love your Dolly! She is adorable and the story so heartwarming. Happy PPF!


Love Molly Dolly! And thanks for the technical info. She is just so cute. Happy Pink Saturday, ~Marti

Daniele Valois

she is very cute. and all that stitching! Wonderful!


oh i love your post and i love Molly

Linda Cash

Molly is definitely special. She is glorious in all her colours and beautiful background. Lovely to see the steps in making her.

Carol (artmusedog)

Love Molly ~ your artwork and your poetic words ~ namaste,carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy SS ^_^


I think Molly Dolly is wonderful! Such soul! I'm excited that you've entered her in the Soul Challenge with AIB! And the tutorial is super! Thanks!

She is so cute! What intriguing little touches, especially the stitching.


This is so pretty!!! I think Molly is adorable. Thanks for telling what you did, that always inspires me.

Timeless Rituals

Great project!!

Jenny's Heart

Molly is perfect just as she is. I love that you shared a bit of YOUR soul. Thank you :)


This is beautiful.

Happy WOYWW (on Monday!)
Katie #16

the yorkshire fox

...absolutely stunning, breathtaking actually...Mel :)

Stephanie Corder

I really like all the layers of color, texture and detail you've woven into this piece. I can tell a lot of thought (and soul ;)) went into the creation of this!

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