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Cross-Stitched Easter Eggs in the Tulip Patch


Look At What Treasures We Found On Our Easter Egg Hunt!



 Emily and Elvin Cupie found these adorable cross-stitched Easter eggs on their hunt. And although these eggs don't open, they are so sweet and can even be carried as a little Easter Egg Purse for your toddler in her finery on Easter morn.



Now Emily and Elvin would like to share their treasures with you one by one, won't you come along and as you do you can play this song.

  For they still haven't found their little white duck.




Under this single tulip they found, a chicken 




 who thinks he's a rabbit.  He even wears a tie-bonnet with pink, floppy ears.




 And among these tulips, they found sitting on the ground





 A little brown rabbit wearing overalls and looking for his carrot.




 Use a small cross-stitch pattern, so you can make them fast with decorative fabric for the back. 



Emily and Elvin searched and searched the entire tulip patch for the little white duck with no such luck.



 But what they did find was a white bunny




 with a long blue ribbon around his neck, a prize he won at the County Fair.



So under the roses, they gathered all three 




the chick, the rabbit and bunny. 





They laid them out so you could see. 






 among all of these, do you spot two, maybe three?



 We hope you've enjoyed our Easter Egg hunt.  When I was very young "The Little White Duck" sung by Burl Ives was so special to me.  I sang it over and over.  Even when I got older and my bigger sisters were not around, I'd play it on our portable record player  -- we had his single on a 45 -- remember those! 




 There's our little white duck doin' what he otta. 

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Quack, Quack -- Terri


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Oh, how cuuuuute. LOVE this post. It left me with a big smile.

Happy Pink Saturday to you...


Sheila :-)

Terri Morse

Hi Terri! Thank you for taking us on your Easter egg hunt and for sharing your memories with us. The eggs are adorable and they'll be a wonderful keepsake. Happy Pink Saturday! Terri


This is absolutely adorable, Terri! Such fun. How on earth did you find those precious eggs. xo's Marsha


Your Easter Egg Hunt was a lot of fun. Thanks!

Charolette Thorpe

Hi Terri,
Such a fun Easter egg hunt and beautiful tulip garden, too! Now I've got that cute " Little White Duck" song in my head!!


Those eggs look great!


Those are SO incredibly precious!

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA

Loved the plaid egg. Do you notice that tulips can look like eggs? Great post.


Hi Terri

I've never heard that song before. Thanks for the smile.

And thanks for stopping by The Old Parsonage!


Mrs. T

I love your whimisical cross-stitched eggies. So cute. I love anything like that especially incorporated into the holiday season. Thank for stopping by Acorn Hollow, too.

Mrs. T.
Acorn Hollow
Happy Easter!!!

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