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Artist Trading Cards (ATC) Swap

Inspirational 52 ATC Card Deck Swap

I love to inspire! 



So here mine are all strung together and blowing in the wind.


Jessica Brogan is having her 2nd

2012 Inspirational Card Deck Swap



First, all 52 ATC cards you make have a different quote. 




These are now cut apart and covered in beeswax.

I even put mine in individual envelopes like a little "happy".  That's what I call small delights not big enough to be called a gift.  




Since I machine embellished mine with decorative yarn/ribbon, it was easy to just stitch them together and then cut them apart when done with sewing.  Great time saver.

(Read more below if you are new to ATCs)

So we send our 52 cards to Jessica and she sends us ATC cards back from all over the world; a different quote of inspiration on each. Can't wait to get mine.


I'm grateful and happy to inspire others; it's what Morning Dewdrops is all about -- even in a little ATC card.

We Should

Always Hope, Magnify Hope, Search Hope

See Hope, Taste Hope, Manifest Hope

Identify with Hope.



I pitch my tent in the land of hope. (Acts 2:26)

I am a prisoner of hope. (Zechariah 9:12)

Christ in me the Hope of all Glory.  (Colossians 1:27)



What is an ATC

For those of you who do not know - Artist Trading Cards are miniature works of art about the same size of a baseball card or 2 ½ X 3 ½ inches, small enough to fit inside card sleeves. The ATC movement developed from the mail art movement in Switzerland.  ATCs are made from various media; including pens, markers, paints, paper, found objects and cloth. They are exchanged as business cards and swapped around and cherished as the masterpieces they are!

Please see our post dated Jan 14, 2012 called "Reflections in Artist Trading Cards" for tips and how to take these little darlings to the next level.

Also try searching "artist trading cards" on the web for beaucoup inspiration.

 Please leave us a comment.  Love hearing from you

Blessings Terri



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Beautiful Atc's, your ladies are very special. Wishing you a lovely weekend Terri xx


They are beautiful cards! Thank you for sharing how you made them. Mine are on their way across the sea to Jessica. Hope I will have one of yours in my deck!!


I got one of your cards! It's beautiful. I LOVE the stitiching and the wax especially.



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