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The Way-Word Girls

The Way-Word Girls came to me in a dream.  Creativity is always bountiful when you ask for it with a purpose.  Gifts and talent come you didn't know you had when your idea is driven by purpose.  I didn't draw people until a year ago; yet I created these four young women (googly eyes and all) long before that.

So why, after watching a simple video, is a voice-over actor willing to become their voice?  And why is a producer willing  to submit a short film debuting  The Way-Word Girls to a film festival? Or maybe create a pilot for TV?



The why is the reason, you know.  The why is the thought behind the idea.  The why is the passion - helping young girls to create a world around them through their thoughts, words & actions.   This dream process and journey about The Way-Word Girls is included at the bottom of this post if you'd like to read it, but for now --

Here's a question for you -  What are you passionate about? 




My daughter calls The Way-Word Girls surreal because the drawn characters live in real places. I looked up the word "surreal" and it means "resembling a dream," so I became a fan of that word.




I've learned I'm creating characters, some whimsical, some more real-like, to inspire our youth through my pen; I'm writing short stories about Molly Dolly and I'm writing scripts for The Way-Word Girls and Now -- Woozie & Lop are on a cartoon adventure.  They came to life just yesterday, but their story has been with me for a while.




LizBeth, Abagail, Joanna and Lydia attend college together and come from all over the USA. They form a club calledThe Way-Word Girls to inspire, lead and help others learn how to find their true selves, to create a world of influence around them through their thoughts, words and actions. 



For now, this short clip is private and can only be viewed here. - Debut video; music only.


So if you know of any young girls who might be inspired by The Way-Word Girls,  and want to join them as they meet, attend classes, create and experience life on their university campus, please let me know.


I'd love to know what you think, so please leave a comment.

Blessings Terri







In September we usher in the Jewish New Year.  This time of year God propels us into the upcoming 2013 with enormous creativity.  Let no small idea go.  Cherish it, nourish it and let it grow for if it is a desire of your heart, it was God-given and He will supply the "how" we just need to take the first step.

Three years ago in September, God put two verses in my heart, 

Proverbs 7:8-9 "...walking at twilight down the street to the house of the wayward girl..." (TLB) and

Jeremiah 31:32 "...How long will you wander, O wayward daughter? For the Lord will cause something new and different to happen..." (TLB)

And so these four young women came from two verses in The Bible and in a dream I saw the word "wayward" written as "way-word" and a thousand "what ifs" followed in my mind. Within months of their inception, I was busy drawing them, naming them and imagining where they were from and how they met - then for 18 months I let them go.

I learned Photoshop Elements -- I created a blog and then about last September, "The Way-Word Girls" came back to me in another dream. Do you suppose God wanted me to wait? He was preparing me for His timing and now He is ready for their birth. If you've had ideas over the past years that did not come to fruition, I encourage you ask to revisit them - now is the time for their manifestation.

I have envisioned The Way-Word Girls doing many things, but their purpose is to help young girls -- girls, who don't know who they really are; they may suffer from victim mentality -- I know I did. They may just be hurt and need a kind word. They may be abused or depressed.  They just might need the love of Jesus and to become enlightened through God's Word and learn about their true self.


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An inspiring post!
I'll be looking for these girls.
For five years since I retired and started blogging I've enviously lurked on the internet looking at art journals and since I don't draw I kept putting it off. Last weekend I bought a journal and I've done the cover and title page and one spread. Not sure I'm ready to share it but it's a start. It took me long enough!


Inspirational story with a fabulous message!! You go girl...I see the need!! Yes I too have dreams that I should manifest with verve!! Thanks for the reminder!!

Big hugs Giggles


I admire your enthusiasm and determination, Terri. I think this project is meant to be if you have been dreaming about it... I love the concept and I wish you much luck! :)


Very artistic!

Hopping by from Manadarin Orange Monday.

Here's my take for MoM, hope you can drop by and comment on my
Hint of Orange post. Have a great week ahead!


Love the environment you have put your girls in... all that beautiful colour and pattern. Thank you for contributing to Mandarin Orange Monday:)

Jennifer McLean

What a great idea and kudos to you for following your dream. More power to you as you continue with the way-word girls!!


adorable, fun and such an inspiring post...i wish these girls were around when i was growing up... :)

Currie Silver

WOW!!! Sometimes, when we are looking someplace else altogether, when we haven't the first clue how and why, we discover others who are somewhere altogether else whose minds are spinning on a most amazingly similar cycle.

I think your Way-Word girls are remarkable. As are YOU for birthing this idea. I love your Journey as you've shared it, too. It really sings to me.

BEautimously inspiring, Terri!!

Rita McGregor

What a creative idea! They remind me of modern paper dolls. Cute! :)


I think this a great idea! And many young girls will be blessed by your vision. Good luck!

Tracey Fletcher King

These are great fun... glad you shared them with us...xx

Gloria J Zucaro

I love the way you have them living in real houses/buildings! Very cool. Are each of these part of your inner selves? A great idea, keep up the good work.


Incredible post Terri,
So cleverly done...and a brilliant idea. Go Girls!!! ;D


Thank you, Terri, for the encouragement! My book idea also came to me in a dream and yes, I have laid it down for the moment. Maybe it's time to pick it back up...hmmm. Thanks for following and I'd be happy to keep in touch. I can't wait to see what the Lord does with your great idea/His idea through you!!

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