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Revealing the Artist Within


My Lady surrounded by antique buttons, painted lace & silk ribbon french knots.


 Front Cover


 What better way to be inspired than by the master artisans of the 1700s and 1800s.  She has her hand on her cheek as if to say, "What will I do next?"

A fabric book of art.  I took cross-stitch fabric from the package, still folded, I found to be the perfect size, so I bound the book with a buttonhole stitch and began to reveal the female artisans who lived 100s of years ago.  



 page 1


 A neighbor opens her window to invite us in, "What shall we do today?" she asks.

I've discovered my couching foot again and I love to machine stitch through paper.



 page 2


We'll sit in the garden and stitch beautiful silk ribbon roses and fly stitches by hand and to finish it off we'll embroider even more on our machine.



 page 3


 Tat, tat, tat and the making of lace, wooden bobbins everywhere.

Fly stitches, stitched letters by machine, silk-ribbon roses, hidden and painted things 




  page 4


"You know this art we must not let it die," she says, the female artisan who loves to paint and sew, never with idle hands, always creating,

"We shall teach and inspire them again!"


Organza, raveling muslin, couched ribbon, buttons and paint.



 page spread 5-6


 Spinning wheels go round and round in a community of spinners and weavers.

In ways, we are coming back to this.

 Silk ribbon rosebuds growing on a vine with large purple bottonhole twist bouillons.




 Close up -- silk ribbon roses on crinoline




Close up - Large silk flowers using a wider ribbon 




Close up -- Large wrapped bouillon flowers 




Page Spread - Pages 2-3 



 Back Cover


Or we could just go outside and play some games!

Angelina fibers underneath painted lace, silk ribbon and buttons


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of our "Revealing the Artist Within" fabric artbook.  I always love to hear from y'all, so don't be shy now.

Blessings Terri




Blessings, Terri ~ Would love to hear from you! ~ comment, share, tweet, pin or post ;D ~~


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Wow this is amazing - I just love fabric creations and this is so inspiring!!! Happy Pink Saturday to you!

Carol (artmusedog)

Great blog ~ Great art ~ very creative ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ~ (A Creative Harbor) and Share the Creative Journey ~ linked with Art Blog Hop ^_^


Terri, I heART this. What magical hands you have to produce such a treasure of inspirational art. It's just beautiful. My sister is the one who creates with ribbon roses. Just magical. Have a lovely day!

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Such intricacies and detail!
Happy Pink Saturday to you (and thank you for your visit and kind words of wisdom).

Lisa Graham Art

thank you so much for visiting my blog today and leaving such a nice comment. It really made my day. It's hard to find an artistic voice.

Your work is lovely...I have always been drawn to old fashioned anything and your use of lace gives your art work that look. Love it!


Oooo I really love these pages especially the use of the bouillon flowers on one page.
You are so talented. thanks for sharing.


lovely pages

Carol (artmusedog)

Second time to see this ~ Lovely creations ~ linked with Creative Everyday and A Creative Harbor ~ ^_^


This is awesome! Very beautiful and creativce. Well done


Really love the story behind it. Great art book! :)

Mrs A

Love your art book. It looks so Lacey and romantic. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Have been looking through yours too. You are very crafty . Hugs Mrs A.


Thank you so much for visit my blog and the lovely comment. Your artbook is so beautiful and creative. I love it.

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