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Featuring Magazine - Fabric Art Collage

As you know from my last blog, my fabric art collage was published in Featuring magazine in the Theme Gallery - Cheering, Stomping & Applauding. Many of you asked me to provide some closeup shots and go over some of the embellishments, so let's take a look.  


I've used the images of the faces and bird before in my work.  I recommend scanning all your drawings into your computer or from your camera to use again digitally. I printed the images onto Ludratur fed directly into my printer.  You don't need a carrier/feeder page.  Ludratur is a spun bond web material and is transparent, so anything printed on it appears softly faded.  It's great for text too.  Next week, I'm showing another piece using this fun material.  

This piece has been stenciled with acrylics, stamped with foil and stitched away. 



The letters, flowers & fleur-de-lis were first dye-cut, then painted, stamped, embossed with a heat gun and then sprayed with ink.   



Here is the collage in the beginning stages.  I drew the hands (Applauding) on Lutradur.  The image of the sneakers (Stomping) is taken from a picture I took of my granddaughter playing on a see-saw.  You can also see where I've created an ink wash of greens and pinks along with applying foil at this stage.  The foundation is white craft felt and muslin. Most of my fabric collages start with this foundation.  



Don't throw those scraps away!  This piece is embellished with buttons sewn over hand-made paper, scraps of organza and lace.  The basic embroidery stitches I use over and over are the the cross-stitch, chain stitch and fly stitch.  I actually cross-stitched over strips of metal in this collage.  



I had so much fun embellishing this piece.  I used brads and grommets.  I've even hand-sewn with some wire.  That's right the wire going through the grommets and silver pieces was hand-sewn with a needle.  Fabric squares have been stacked and sewn on with buttons.  And I drew the champagne glasses (Cheering) directly onto the Lutradur like the applauding hands.



Before any embellishing, I stitched the layers together on my sewing machine in a very random way (no pattern here) starting in the middle and moving outward.  I finished the edges with a zigzag stitch couching over ribbon. 



 We're Cheering, Stomping and Applauding in the Theme Gallery of FEATURING.

To see me in print, click on the BUTTON above (or on left sidebar), scroll down to the middle of the page where you will find "Preview", click on "Read more...", then click on "Take a Look, click here..." and a Preview PFD file of the magazine will appear in another tab.  I'm on PAGE 23 of the Theme Gallery and I'm on the back cover of Inchies -- PAGE 26 (center four squares)  YEAH!!!

Or see the post below to view the actual pages in the magazine.  I love hearing from you, so leave a comment

Blessings, Terri

Blessings, Terri ~ Would love to hear from you! ~ comment, share, tweet, pin or post ;D ~~


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Jennifer McLean

ooh, congratulations in being in the premier issue too, doesn't it feel great?? I'm now going over to read your artist in blogland profile, we seem to be following each other around the blogosphere!

Jenn of justaddwatersilly.com

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