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Reflections in Artist Trading Cards

Reflecting often comes this time of year and I've been reflecting on Morning Dewdrops while listening to Swan Lake (Chad Lawson, piano), so please get your coffee or glass of wine and join me. 

Where has Morning Dewdrops been?  Where is it going? I'm hoping to inspire creativity and I've been drawn for quite some time to a picture of a swan I took back in the summer (hence the song).  I've entitled the picture "Reflections" and created some simple Artist Trading Cards (ATC) after pondering over this picture. Why does it keep calling me to it.  I have a feeling I'll be using this image in several art pieces. What about a series? 



When I doubt myself during a creative process, I try to remember I'm creating simply for pleasure.  As a sole viewer, one can remain passionate and let their inhabitions go.

The reflection of this beautiful swan reminded me of Matthew 5 (Gospels of The Bible).  Through Christ..."we are the light of the world and a city on a hill cannot be hidden, place your light upon a lampstand to give light to all of the house."   I believe even a sole viewer is cheered from above by heavenly hosts. What a beautiful reflection!




 George Wither wrote  - "...Things to their best perfection come, Not all at once; but, some and some..."

 (1634-35 - Collections of Emblemes Ancient & Modern)


Isn't that lovely.  We play, we practice, we color, we paint and little by little we perfect our craft.





But we must first get out our crayons and color! Or sit at our piano and play.  Just play! Enjoy the process.  Enjoy the journey.  Get your paint brushes dirty.  Break a needle on your sewing machine.  Cut your fabric backwards.  Enjoy the journey!  We must -- or there will be nothing to reflect on not even funny stories ...

Like when I sewed the bodice of my ballgown on backwards. I was almost in tears, then I simply turned it around -- Thank goodness for side zippers and a full skirt!  Only one person, a gorgeous woman and quite the accomplished seamstress, asked me about the zipper.  We were freshening our lipstick in front of the mirror and she asked did that zipper bother me. (She knew I had made my gown.) I said, "No, I make all of my couture gowns with zippers on this side as I'm left handed."  Her lipstick tube stopped moving and she said "oh"






I put this little angel on an ATC and named it "Do You See What I See?"  I gave some as Christmas "happies".  She has a double meaning to me.  She sees His star "a star, a star, dancing in the night" but what else does she see?   What is she searching for?  

She inspired me to always keep searching, stretching, expecting  --  for BIG, BIG DREAMS, no matter if we are big or small or young or old.




Always Hope, Magnify Hope, Search Hope

See Hope, Taste Hope, Manifest Hope

Identify with Hope




And you'll have beautiful reflections.


Below are some tips on how I made these ATCs.  What's great is they take such little time to make! 


Artist Trading Card (ATC) Tips 


For those of you who do not know, Artist Trading Cards are miniature works of art about the same size of a baseball card or 2 ½ X 3 ½ inches, small enough to fit inside card sleeves. The ATC movement developed from the mailart movement in Switzerland.  ATCs are made from various media; including pens, markers, paints, paper, found objects and cloth. They are exchanged as business cards and swapped around and cherished as the masterpieces they are!

I printed the images on fabric paper or on iron-on sheets.  Check your craft store for printable fabric packs.  I backed them with craft felt.  Then I needle-felted them with my Babylock Embellisher using wool roving, angelina fibers, yarn, organza, dyed scrim, etc.

When I finished embellishing them, I backed them with another piece of felt and also added some magnetic strips - so these can also be used to put on your refrigerator or file cabinet or anywhere you want to place a magnet.

Try making them even smaller and backing them with a pin, so you can wear them on your coat or scarf.  Or if you've been wanting to learn a new technique, this is a great size to experiment on.  

I got the angel peering from the chimney from  They have copyright free images for sale at very reasonable prices.  Go ahead and search the web.  There are copyright free images available at no cost as well as many other good websites where you can purchase them - it just depends on the type image you are looking for.

Try searching "artist trading cards" on the web for beaucoup inspiration.

Hope you enjoyed  - Tips from Terri


Thank you so much for spending time with me.  I'd love for you to leave a message. Any thoughts of hope or reflections you'd like to share, please do -- just a couple will do.

Blessings Terri


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Blessings, Terri ~ Would love to hear from you! ~ comment, share, tweet, pin or post ;D ~~


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Your ATCs are wonderful, and it was great of you to offer all of the ATC tips. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Marti


What a clever lady you are, in words and in art. Love your trading cards and the pic of the graceful. Diane


your work is very creative and beautiful.....thank you for your visit....


What a great post. Such good reminders that art is play. Sometimes it's hard for me to get past that. Worrying about being good enough or "messing up." Focusing on the fact that it is play is a great way to combat those fears!

Beautiful artwork. I love the colors you choose.

Timeless Rituals

Love your ATCs!! Very unique!! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!!! :)


wonderful creative work, and thanks so much for the story to my photo, you're the best!


Beautiful ATCs. The swan picture is magnifico as was your answer to the lady re your dress!

Leah H.

Beautiful photos and so colorful.

Visiting for Pink Saturday! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)

Diana Evans

what a wonderful post!!!! your photos and your work are amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing these with us for Sweet Saturdays!!!!!


Hi Terri. Thanks for popping by my blog. I was thrilled to see you have a swan theme going on on this blog - coincidently, I've been working on a project with a swan theme, post due to go up in the next couple of days. Love that George Wither quote, so true.


What pretty creations! I especially like the swan. Happy Pink and have a wonderful week!

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