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No-Sew Fabric Pumkins Table Centerpiece

 Quick & Easy For Your Thanksgiving Table




 These fabric pumpkins are so, no-sew, easy.  There are patterns available and other ways of making them, so feel free to experiment.  However, the way it is done here is all in the colors of the fabric.  A perfect shaped pumpkin is not necessary due to the detail and mingling of the fall colors in this fabric.  





 I doubled my fabric and cut out three different sized-squares.  I didn't measure the squares, but you can practice before cutting.  I probably used 1.5 to 2 yards of 45" wide fabric for the three pumpkins. Your fabric doesn't have to be doubled if it has any substance to it.

 Take the doubled square of fabric and stuff the center with polyfil, pushing the polyfil down as you add more.  Gather the fabric up in small amounts watching to make sure the shorter sides are included. Gathering the fabric up in small amounts also creates the desired effect you want to acheive at the top.  Wrap a large rubberband around it and  cut off the excess at the top.

  Then I took some sticks from the yard, opened up the center a little with my fingers and stuck the sticks in. I purchased one large artifical leaf stem from the craft store and used wire cutters to cut three smaller stems. I wrapped them around the neck of the pumpkin, then added some ribbon to further secure the stem and hide the rubberband.

You can cut circles instead of squares.   You can also sew a double row of gathering stitches around the perimeter of the circle and gather your fabric that way, then you can cut off the excess, if any, or pull out the gathering threads once the pumpkin is secured with the rubberband.




I didn't waste any fabric by cutting the fabric into squares because I used the excess fabric in the bottom of a wooden bowl used as part of my decor.  The balls in the bowl were covered with leaves and nuts many years ago.  I still use them and thought they complimented the table.  The table runner is a plastic runner from the craft store and it cost $4.95.   I already had all the materials I needed for the pumpkin except for the leaf stem purchased at half price for about $2.50.  The pumpkin idea came to me when I was looking through my stash of fabric. 

The funny thing is half way through the pumpkin making, I ran out of polyfil, so I finished stuffing them with plastic store bags! So keep those bags, recycle, re- purpose and re-invent.  It's all part of our creative process, so stay open to new ideas and give this easy one a try.


Let me know what you think.  Love to hear from you. 

Blessings Terri


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Thanks for sharing the idea, I would definitely try it as I have pumpkins that I dunno what to do hehehe.

Pink cactus, have a great weekend!

Terrie: Creative Explorer

These are very clever - and pretty. What a pretty and easy table decoration! I may have to give this a try.....


what a great no sew project, they are the best!

Charolette Thorpe

Terri, I love these pumpkins...what a clever idea to compliment the home's decor!


these are elegant and beautiful!


I love how you took scraps of this and that and brought it all together for a beautiful centerpiece. Proof once again that we need only look around us for inspiration and resources! Thanks for sharing & have a sweet Saturday :)

Maggie (Silvercrafter)

You have such a good imagination to be able to take oddments of fabric and to create such gems. My parcel has arrived and I will be posting either on Sunday or Monday, so you don't have long to wait.


I'm back! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I didn't have your email so I've copied my reply here...

Thanks so much Terri. :) Although I produce LOTS of art these days, I still have those special items that I 'save for a rainy day'. I hadn't even thought about those things in relation to this blog...so you've taught me a good lesson.

sasifricious (molly)

what pretty colors. i like the incorporation of the leaves to capture the fall theme!

Tracey Grgic Potter

These look wonderful! You are so creative.

Visiting from Sweet Saturdays.



These are very colorful and artistic centerpieces! They'd look beautiful on a Thanksgiving table!!


Really nice.
We don't have Thanksgiving but we are decorating for Christmas already ;-)
Yup, we start early in my islands.


Great idea! I love recycling ans repurposing. Tfs!


These are so pretty! I think I might just have the perfect fabric for making some for my own table! :) I love how you used every bit of the fabric as well, the scraps look so pretty lining your bowl. Thanks for sharing!

Georgie Horn

Thanks for visiting my blog, love the pumpkins!

Diana Evans

I am so thrilled you shared this with us for Sweet Saturdays!!!!! these look so gorgeous!!! what a creative and fun project!!!

Mrs A.

Your pumpkins look amazing!!! Love the colour of the material and your idea of using plastic bags for the stuffing. Waste not want not certainly works here. Hugs Mrs A.

Sandy Brown

These pumpkins are great! You look like you are quite the creative lady. You left a comment on my daughters blog (http://notsoshabby-shabbychic.blogspot.com/) that seemed so sweet and heartfelt I just wanted to stop by and say HI:)

Terrie: Creative Explorer

I mentioned earlier that I love this punkin idea but then you came and wrote this totally delightful story about Dahlia who lives in the coral cones and plays a symphony with her friends. Your little story made my day - your creativity is impressive and I loved the writing imagery. Thanks so much!

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