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The Way-Word Girls 2

 A fabric-paper pamphlet introducing The Way-Word Girls

This is the second post about The Way-Word Girls.  Please visit their debut post presented on September 17, 2011.


 We start with their birth -- wombs wrapped with belief, hope, love and faith.  I call them Swaddlings and each  is a waterseed layered with divine possibilities.



 Our creativity, imagination, gifts and talents enveloped in a protected shell of love, these Swaddlings rest on the cushion of the ocean floor.




Nurtured in a sphere of warm water, the Swaddlings are hugged by luminous roving,  waterseeds flowing in divine possibilities.  



 (inside left)

 The fabric-paper comes to life on the inside when The Way-Word Girls are birthed from an idea.  (Please see Sept. 17, '11 post) A mixed-media collage introduces them by name, let's us know their passion and where they're from.   



 (inside right)

Stamped, stitched and layered in painted textures, The Way-Word Girls reveal why they were created -- to let young girls know who they really are in Christ. 

We have many young girls stuggling with depression, victim mentality, cuttings, sexual abuse and eating disorders.  It is my prayer these posts and videos encourage them.





 And so their adventures begin --

The Way-Word Girls in "Ugh! Be Gone!"




Oil pastel shavings floated atop the water and mingled on handmade paper that the Swaddlings felted onto cloth-paper deep beneath the sea and they spun a yarn of passion and purpose for what was meant to be.


If you know of any young girls who might enjoy The Way-Word Girls, please have them visit Morning Dewdrops.  I'm still working on the best time to post them.  I believe they will have a video posted on the third or fourth Wedneday of the month, maybe both. 

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Carol (artmusedog)

Wow! What a great idea and so creative ~ Thanks for joining my Blog Hop ~ enjoy the week! ^_^

Alicia Hayes

Hi Terri! Thanks so much for stopping over at my blog :) I love Blog Parties! Have a happy creative day~Alicia


Beautiful work with a message of hope.

Erin Derr

These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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