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How Does Your Garden Grow

Tending To Your Garden

I never planted a garden or tackled any kind of landscaping, but Jimmy and I tried our hand this Spring. I didn't realize how nurturing a garden can be to your soul.



Hydrangeas -- one of my favorite flowers, but sadly we didn't read the label (ha -- I wanted hydrangeas in my garden!) for they like partial sun and we've planted them in the wrong place. 



Preparing the Ground!


It's funny how we work on a project in the physical realm and the same kind of thing is going on in our spiritual realm.  Recently Holy Spirit spoke to my heart as I was meditating on God's Word and said "Just keep doing what you are doing, keep tending to My garden." I didn' know exactly what that meant, but He'll show you -- simply ask -- like you would an experienced gardener.




We chose wooden boxes for our raised garden bed.  We stained the cedar planks before assembling them because the wood just had to match the one shutter (ha) and the front door. --

Oh! If I were so watchful of Him!




 Our first 4x4 box complete -- Four to go -- tiered boxes.




Our selection of plants!  We used about 30 bags of soil, 30 bags of mulch, 18 bags of gravel (close to the house) -- where did it all go?  We chose good soil for our garden.  And the still small voice was asking, "Where was I planted; what was the soil like in my garden, in my soul, in my heart? What seeds were being planted?" 




After three days of laboring, our garden was complete.  We planted crape myrtle shrub (bush), hydrangeas, knock out roses and dwarf ixoras, red.  Our aim was to keep our garden somewhat low -- no extreme heights. What do you think?




Our garden looked kind of dinky in the beginning, but oh we were so proud of our garden.  We watered it and cultivated it and talked about it -- and so it is with the garden of our soul (heart).  By taking His word, we plant a seed. We water it with praise and worship and watch it grow -- along with all that cultivating and learning comes alas also the pruning.  I had a few weeds to take out of my garden.




But Oh a Well Tended Garden! 

You become His Garden!




Full of Bloom! Full of Life! Full of Love!



 Our dsarf ixora (red - more orange to me) are thriving.



In fact, they are multiplying -- especially since we started using a soaker hose.  We still have to cover it with mulch, but you can't see it from the road (heaven's no! ha!). 

There is an irrigation system continuously flowing in Our Father's Garden -- the garden to our soul!




 Where blooms come year around to create




 One Beautiful Rose  -- Our First One!

First in Christ, Where it will never die or fade away!


I am strongly urged today to encourage you in your walk with God and all He has for you.  Words are life and are very powerful.  Our thoughts become words and our words become actions.  Part of creating this blog was to share with you what He has taught me, so I hope I am not being too forward -- But if you don't know Jesus Christ, it is my prayer that you do.


We made some mistakes in our garden and we're going to have to pull up the hydrangeas more than likely and replant them.  But God is good and all forgiving, He just wants us to tend to our garden as best we can and He'll do the rest.


Blessings Terri


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Let's keep His garden growing!


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I love gardens, but have little time for gardening. :-( Yours is well on its way!

Charolette Thorpe

Great work, Terri. I'll have to pass by to get a glimpse of your garden as it flourishes!

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