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Baby Shower Decorations

Nancy, Merry Ann (sisters-in-law) and I recently hosted a baby shower at my home for (our nephew) Jarod & Bonnie, to celebrate the birth of their baby boy, Elijah John.  I volunteered to handle the decorations and finally had a good reason to create items from my "make wish list" -- banners, crepe paper flowers and tissue pom-poms.


The Flag Banner and Circle Garlands



Our colors were blue, yellow and white.  Banners have become so popular lately and I've seen them everywhere.  I couldn't wait to make one.




I also made a circle garland from my stash of decorative papers.  I used a circle cutter and had enough circles cut out for three garlands in no time.




The flag banner started with cutting large triangles from blue and yellow scrapbook paper with a glittered surface.




I covered these cardboard-pressed letters with ModPodge -- what would I have done without the ModPodge for all of these projects.  I poured the glitter on and then placed the letters in a box top and took it outside to spray with ModPodge sealer.  




I found some coordinating paper and used punches to create a decorative border around the triangles.  Then I punched holes in the top sides and strung the banner with a pretty ribbon.  I recommend matte super heavy gel for adhering heavy objects like these letters to surfaces such as these banner flags. 




The flag banner spelling out Elijah turned out to be more subtantial that I envisioned, but I like it all the more and the circle garland above it created the balance that was needed all hanging over the fireplace.



The Crepe Paper Daffodils & Lilies of the Valley 



I saw these crepe-paper flowers and how-tos on the Martha Stewart show sometime back.  I thought they were so whimsical, I had to make some! 




 They are so BIG!  You can find all the sources on Martha Stewart Crafts.  I used florist quality crepe paper purchased very inexpensively by the rolls.  If your petals are not falling where you want them to just secure with a dot of hot glue.




 The Lilies of the Valley were made in white and blue!  Whimsy -- blue lilies! It was fun stretching the crepe paper into these shapes.  The instructions called for fabric tac glue which I have, but I found the hot glue gun a lot easier and faster.




And  I didn't dare make my own stems as instructed.  I felt my flowers needed more stability and weight, so  I bought some tall stalks of artificial eucalyptus leaves made with a thick bendable wire from the dime store for about 50 cents each. 




 I did use a lot of floral tape and the extra leaves placed here and there with hot glue around the base of the flowers helped hide my flaws.




 I decorated wine bottles to showcase each flower.  I painted the tops of the bottles and covered the bottoms in decorative papers.  A decorative punched border was placed on some of the bottles.




For the centerpiece, I placed three bottles with a stalk of lilies in each. I glittered very large letters using the baby's initials using one for each bottle.




 I attached the initials to the bottles using matte super heavy gel but quickened the process by using a hot glue gun as well -- to get the initial contact it needed.  A small piece of tissue in the tops of the bottles kept the flowers from twirling and tipping over.  Placing pepples or sand in the bottles also give them some additional weight.



Netting Clothes Line, Circle Garlands & Tissue Pom-poms 



Netting on sale for 77 cents a yard goes a long way and so do paper circle garlands!  Since the circles at times wouldn't hang right, I placed a small amount of "ticky tack" to the top of the circle to keep them in place.

  I made the tissue pom-poms for $1 each. Tip:  I used clear mini Command adhesive hooks to attach to the ceiling -- and I secured the pom-pom before hanging.  They are so light you don't have to wait to hang them from the hooks as per the instructions. I secured the filament to the hook with a knot then used a dot of hot glue, so it wouldn't come untied before hanging them.   




 You can find the instructions for the tissue pom-poms from several sources online.  Yes, I went to Martha Stewart.  Tip:  After making them, I placed a small amount of hot glue to keep the middle portion of the tissue together.  Cheryl, a friend, embroidered the burp cloths and baby bib hanging from the clothesline. 




 Blue, Yellow and White tissue pom-poms hung from the ceiling like floating carnations!  The parents, Jarod & Bonnie took home the flag banner and table centerpiece to further decorate Elijah's room and, of course, the embroidered baby items hanging from the clothesline were gifts used to add to the decor as well.


I hope you've enjoyed our baby shower.  Everyone had so much fun! Please leave me a comment; I do love hearing from you.  Blessings Terri


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Blessings, Terri ~ Would love to hear from you! ~ comment, share, tweet, pin or post ;D ~~


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What cute decorations you have created. Thanks for linking them up to HSH!


I couldn't reply back to your email because you have it set as no reply. That was the most beautiful comment! I came here to thank you for your poetic verse!


Thanks so much for the very kind memory of your grandmother's fan you left on my blog. (your settings are on "no-reply" so I couldn't email you back) Thanks for your kind words I loved the story! I hope you will come back and become a follower.
Susan @ homeroad.net

Tami Kenner

Beautiful Baby shower decorations!! How creative..I am sure the new parents were thrilled with the party.
Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami


Your garlands are lovely and your flowers are so sweet, don't you love creating with paper? Happy Pink Saturday!


Terrific decorations - love the crepe paper flowers - beautiful - everything looks so festive! So much love and care put into this will surely make a wonderful party,


Hi Terri...thanks for visiting my blog and your very nice comments. Looks like the shower was a blast. My favorite thing is the tissue paper poms hanging from your ceiling! You are an incredible hostess to spend so much time and effort. Well done. Happy Sunday!

Jennifer Hester

What wonderful decorations!


You did a fabulous job! I wish I'd been there. Now I want to host a baby shower. Alas, no pregnant friends or relatives at the moment. But I'll keep this stored in my memory bank for when the time comes. P.S. I've never participated in it or know much about it, but I know people who participate in Blue Monday and I'm sure they'd LOVE to see this.

Charolette Thorpe

Terri, you've done it again! Your baby shower decorations are so whimsical and adorable. I know Elijah will love his room decorated with your creations!

Baby Shower Gifts

I specially liked the floral tape decoration very much! Wonderful to the eyes..

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