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Easter Egg Tea Party

 You're Invited to our Easter Egg Tea Party

 Happy Passover & Happy Easter



 What better way to display these beautiful Lithuanian Easter Eggs than in my mother's dainty tea set  she bought before I was born in France. (about 1950)




 My children, Elizabeth & Josh, decorated & dyed these Lithuanian Easter Eggs when they were in the 6th grade in art class at school.




 Which means these eggs date back from 1997 to 2000.




 Yes, these eggs are 10 to 14 years old!





 Their colors are still vibrant




And luminous; very shiny!  These eggs are meant to be given as gifts to a special someone -- they'll be able to treasure them for decades!

We have tips and sources below.




 Now are table is set, but there's really nothing to eat yet.




 Well our little animal friends are smiling and jumping for joy for these adorable Easter Egg Pops made by Angela B. who works with me.




 Aren't these colorful egg pops just right for our Easter Party sitting up in their rainbow basket?  Thank you Angela!  You've made our party complete with these special treats.  Read her pop tips below. 





 Before we eat, shall we give grace and thanks to Our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, on this most holy weekend.  As we decorate and create for our celebration and as family and friends gather, let us meditate on our true celebration for the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ for He came to give us life so we would enjoy life and the abundance thereof, filled to the brim and overflowing in blessings  -- John 10:10

We were created in God's image; He gave us our desires, dreams, imagination and creativity.  When we express our gifts within us, no matter how small, we are honoring God.

On earth as it is in heaven -- We remain focused on the Cross and know the same Spirit that resurrected Jesus Christ so He could be seated at the right hand of God, Our Father, is the same Spirit we have within us -- greater is He who is in me that he who is in this world. -- 1 John 4:4



Tips on Dying Lithuanian Easter Eggs



Please search online for “Lithuanian Easter Eggs” and you will get full instructions with their history as well.  I had no experience dying Lithuanian eggs since mine were made by my kids in art class years ago.  However a few general tips are:




-       Use fresh eggs, clean eggs before boiling, afterwards handle carefully to avoid oily fingerprints on the shell;

-       Create patterns using wax applied with a slightly fine-pointed object.  Dip the tip of your tool into hot wax and dot or slide it across the shell surface. Don't poke the shell. Get online instructions for what type of wax to use.

-       Dye the egg in a solution that is cooler than the melting temperature of the wax.  After dyeing, the wax is removed by rolling it on a hot towel or any number of other ways. The removed wax reveals a white pattern. Multi-colored patterns can be obtained by repeated cycles of wax application and dyeing. Get online instructions for the best dyes to use and "how tos".




Tips on Easter Egg Pops (cake pops) from Angela

 First, use your favorite recipe or follow any recipe by seaching online for "cake pop recipes"


-when forming your pops, don’t make your shape too big. If so, when you dip them, they’ll slide off the stick. I’d stick with 1”x1” or so

-When cooling your pops, the longer, the better. I leave mine in the fridge overnight so they’re nice and firm

-once you’re ready to dip your pops, only remove a few balls at a time from the fridge. You want them to be as cold as they can so they don’t crumble when you dip them.

-when dipping your pops, put your stick in the coating first, then put it into the pop. when you dip the stick first, it helps to form a coating around the stick, helping them not fall off.

-if you’ve been dipping for awhile and notice your pops are beginning to crumble, you might have to reheat your candy coating. Put it back in the microwave for 30 seconds or so and stir it and you’ll be good to go

-after dipping, knock off excess coating and them put them in styrofoam to cool.

-If using sprinkles, use them right after you’ve dipped them. it’s much easier to do it before it hardens versus using corn syrup later

-if you do want to use “sand” (colored sugar), you can use a small paintbrush and light corn syrup for it to stick

-if you want to use different colors, you can either buy different color coating (if you need a lot) or you can buy a dye that especially for candy coating and white chips so you can make your own colors. I bought mine at hobby lobby for about $5.

-it’s fairly time consuming, so don’t try to do it in a rush. Take your time, have fun and be creative!


Your are invited to Cindy's Party, our host of Show & Tell Friday, at My Romantic Home.

And don't forget there's another party going on given by Beverly, our host of Pink Saturday, at How Sweet the Sound.


Thanks to our contributor, Angela B.

Blessings, Terri

Please don't leave without posting a comment or two -- would love to hear from you!

Happy Easter & God Bless!

Blessings, Terri ~ Would love to hear from you! ~ comment, share, tweet, pin or post ;D ~~


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Charolette Thorpe

Beautiful eggs! I've never heard of this kind before. I love the Easter Egg pops, too. I made reindeer and snowmen pops at Christmas but didn't think about making me something to else to try! Thanks for sharing and may you and your family be blessed with the Spirit this Easter!

Francie Thornton

thank you for your visit ... I loved your comment and can just envision two young lovers under the Wisteria, sigh.
the eggs are beautiful and I imagine they bring back wonderful memories for you.
Wishing you the blessings and joy our resurrected Lord brings (())


Well, aren't these just beautiful. Never saw anything like them.
Enjoy the wonderful Easter weekend with your loved ones.
Xo bj

Tami Kenner

Hi your eggs..and the Easter egg pops look so delicious. Thank you for your visit and sweet comments today.
Have a lovely blessed Easter holiday..xo Tami

Lulus Lovlies

Easter Blessings to you and your family Happy Pink Saturday and Pink Sparkly Hugs! Marilou

Catherine Denton

Also, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. That meant a lot.


Those eggs are just beautiful! I can't believe your children made them! They are just gorgeous. Have a Happy Easter, Terri!


Your children's eggs are gorgeous. I know they are so special to you. Love the colors!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments! Have a blessed Easter!!!


What sweet treasures from the kids and what a wonderful job they did. Thanks for coming by and Happy Easter Blessings ;-)


Placing the Easter eggs in your mother's heirloom cups is a great idea! I hope you have a blessed Easter weekend.


Terri your eggs are gorgeous ... & that darling tea set is precious. What beautiful memories to share...

Have a beautiful & happy Easter

Sares @ Loveleigh Treasures

How special you still have the eggs! What a fun way to display them too. Happy Pink and have a beautiful and blessed Easter!


I am so glad you invited us to this great Easter tea party. I have never seen such beautiful eggs. I would hate to give them up. You did a very nice job on this post. Thanks for taking the time to visit my place and comment. You are always welcome.


Sorry I missed the party. :(
Your eggs are beautiful and so unique.
I love the way you displayed them. Great idea.
Thanks for stopping by and maybe Easter bonnets will be back in vogue. :)

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