Valentine's Day - You Pull My Heartstrings
Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose

Balcony Views

Last week we walked through gateways and doorways. This week I invite you to sit on my balconies with a hot cup of chamomile tea or a glass of chardonnay as we view from apartments to vast estates and yes we'll venture downstairs onto verandas and promenade through parks and exotic places. 


 From quaint apartments with fire escapes,


 with potted plants on their window sills


and rare orchids in unexpected places. - And by His Light we walked through the darkness.



To Vanna White's turquiose Newport Beach getaway,  


 we'll see the bay full of bobbing vessels.  - And the friendship and counsel of God were over our tents. 



 From ornate wrought iron and  white wicker chairs,


 we gaze at Greek statues among topiaries shaped like pears.  -- And the Almighty was with us as our children were about us.



 We travel to China Town in San Fran


 and watch laterns sway in the wind. -- He called us happy and blessed us because we deliver to the poor and to those crying out for help.



 From balconies in New Orleans, we reminisce of by-gone days


and later walk through Jackson Square.  -- And we caused the widow's heart to sing with joy.



 But oh! Those secret hidden balconies


With their spiral staircases


 That take us to a vignette of mossy stone walls with fountains and cafe chairs.  -- For He has clothed us with justice as a royal robe and has given us a crown of honor.



 From Laguna Beach, we see


tropical gardens 


as the sun sets into the sea.  -- And He multiplies our days as the sand.



 From balconies on pastel homes in the Gulf,


 we bid you good night to a full moon. 


I hope you have enjoyed our journey through Job 29.

"My root is spread out and open to the waters and the dew lies all night upon my branch."

Happy Purim which begins today at dusk and ends at dusk on Monday -- I'm studying Esther -- a time to draw near as we are called for such a time as this -- May we all intercede in prayer for those in Japan.


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I'd love for y'all to leave a comment or two about our journey from our balcony views.  Hope your tea didn't get too cold.  Blessings Terri


Blessings, Terri ~ Would love to hear from you! ~ comment, share, tweet, pin or post ;D ~~


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Viola over at

Linking over from Pink Saturday. Love the Newport Beach photo's. Being a So.Cal Girl I appreciate the beauty of it.

Have a great day.



There's something about balconies and doorways that really captures the imagination!


Hi Terri!
Girl, we are neighbors! LOL! My daughter is in NOLA at Tulane and #2 son was at LSU (Little too far from home so he transferred to OU).
I like peeking behind gates and looking over balconies, too. It's fun to imagine who lives there and what they're like. Have a great weekend!


Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my pink accordian lamp post! It really put some pep in my step. :) Love this post. SO Beautiful! I wish I could go live with Vanna, that turquoise house of hers is wheel o' fortune-rific!!! :)

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

Beautiful post - love the ocean pics the best ;o)

Happy PINK Saturday to you!! :O)


I love your images! Doorways and windows are so magical...especially when one can only imagine what's on the other side, what it's like to walk through that doorway each day, or look out through those windows....

Thank you for the tour! Happy Pink Saturday!

Charolette Thorpe

BEAUTIFUL!!! Your message of inspiration and pics took me on a relaxing journey across the country....what a relaxing mode of travel!


What a fun tour!


Love these balconies. So very beautiful - definitely a wonderful viewpoint - I loved imagining their vistas and the sounds of the surroundings. Thank you for taking us on this tour,


Thanks Charolette!

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