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The Parish Fair 2 of 2

The Parish Fair - Part 1 of 2

The Parish Fair only in Louisiana -- all other fairs I know would be the County Fair  (in Jackson, Mississippi growing up) or the Mid-State Fair in Memphis, TN.  But can you believe that Jimmy and I went to the Parish Fair, just the two of us, two empty nesters at the Parish Fair on Couples Night.  Here are some of the rides we saw.

 Fair 03

The Tower takes you way, way up into the sky then drops you without a parachute.  No, we didn't ride this one.

Fair 04 


Fair 06 

The Star Ship 4000 -- a blurrr of lights.  We had no desire to travel faster than sound.  No, we didn't ride this one. 

 Fair 07

Moby Dick looked like fun until we saw in swing back and forth as if caught in a wave.  We got sea sick just watching.  No, we didn't ride this one. 

 Fair 08 
 The Zipper I remembered this one from youth only a lot has changed.  No, we didn't ride this one.


Fair 05 

The Cobra was pretty all lit up with a great Egyptian facade, but the name alone told us to stay away.  No, we didn't ride this one. 

 Fair 10 
All Time Favorite - The Merry Go Round.  Remember when it didn't have to be barricaded. But no, we didn't ride this one. 

Fair 09 

Old Faithful Ferris Wheel, What can we say other than Yes, we rode this one.  The Fall always reminds me of the fair and we hadn't been in years.  We plan on going back next year!  Be sure to see Part 2 of our trip to the Parish Fair posted above.

Do any of these bring back fun memories?  What is your favorite ride?  What ride would you dare not ride?  Blessings Terri


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