The Parish Fair - Part 1 of 2
Pink Saturday in New Orleans

The Parish Fair 2 of 2

We didn't go to the Parish Fair just for the rides (see The Parish Fair Part 1 posted below).  Jimmy and I ate at the Exchange Club -- nothing like hamburgers and fries at the fair.  Then we walked down the fairway of games and visited the animals.

Fair 01 

My son, Josh, loved this game, or one sort of like it, when he was young.  He won a stuff toy once, a small one, but he won!!  It didn't matter to him. 

Fair 02 

 The Duck Game.  I remember playing this game when I was too old to play it, but you always won a prize and that is why I liked this game.  Just pick up a duck, look on the bottom and whatever number written on the duck corresponded to the prize you won.  Elizabeth as a pre-schooler loved this game.  She'd watch the ducks go round and round in the water selecting her favorite duck very carefully.  She thought she won the duck and wanted it more than the prize. We promised to buy her a rubber ducky.  To this day she has a thing for rubber duckies -- go figure.  We never had any of the ducks wearing sunglasses though, pretty cute. 

Oh the animals!  Row after row, cage after cage, stall after stall.  How many of you were members of the 4-H Club?  The Parish Fair had a petting zoo set up for the kids.

Fair 11 

Josh had a rabbit in high school that acted just like a dog -- I ended up really liking that rabbit when I told myself I wouldn't.


Fair 12 
 I don't know the name of the beauty in the cage, but her eyes were very large, at least an inch long and as brilliant as a brown marble.  Does anyone know what kind of rabbit this is?  I should have paid better attention; I promise I will next time.


 Fair 14

 This animal was so funny looking to me.  He practically came over the fence when I took this shot.  He got up on his hind legs as if he was going to climb out.  Very friendly fellow.

 Fair 13

Does anybody know the name of these animals?  Look at her beautiful baby blues.  She's looking right at me.

 We had fun going to the fair.  It reminded us of our children at all different ages.  I remember Fair Cheerleading Competitions - six years straight with Elizabeth.  Josh  running around in his ninja turtle and wrestling t-shirts.  He had such a sweet tooth -- What child doesn't?

What is your favorite memory of going to the fair?  I've enjoyed sharing mine with you.  Blessings Terri


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