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Pink Saturday in New Orleans

 Come Ride The New Orleans Street Car Down St. Charles Avenue With Me

We're Looking for Hope; the symbol of pink

We'll start off with a beautiful pink Louisiana Hibiscus -- this one is growing in Jackson Square near the St. Louis Cathedral.  Go ahead pick it, put it in your hair or use it as an umbrella in your drink. I live but a few hours from New Orleans so I often visit. Thank you for allowing me to join Pink Saturday and "hi" to all.


 I first heard of "Pink Saturday" with Beverly Abbott from the Summer 2010 issue of  Artful Blogging. I adore that magazine!  Did you notice something different about that issue the moment you began to read it? I did! -- Blessings ran through the words of that issue like thread through a button, strong with closure. And this group truly is blessed -- you've got the Spirit of Multiplicity running through your pretty-pink veins.  Look at your growth.  This is hard to do in blogland.

Why its nothing but a miracle!

 We're traveling down St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans on the street car and there are so many beautiful Victorian homes that survived Katrina -- Praise God. Here's a pink two-story with decorative columns and banisters along the front porch.

I was so moved to create my blog, Morning Dewdrops. I believe Holy Spirit is asking us to share our gifts and kindnesses, no matter how small, God's gonna use us in a big way.  I just know it.  He led me to y'all didn't He. My first post was just in September.

 It is a good thing the street car goes slow or I wouldn't have been able to get two shots of the same house.  Pink Houses, can you imagine, on my first Pink Saturday post -- Two, that's double and that means double portion for anyone reading this too! 

Isn't this the cutest -- looks like a gingerbread house; precious.  I visited quite a few of your homes in blogland and they are precious too.  I left a few messages along the way.  I visited Texas, West Virginia, north and south California just to name a few.  I can't wait to see more. 

 The Oak in front of the house is nothing but magnificent. It represents strength, courage, sacrifice and sensitivity  -- that's nice to have in our pink heavenly realm.  I know everyone possesses these characteristics, but many people don't realize it.  It is my prayer they do and I believe we're reaching out around the world subtlely -- I like that -- there's a lot of subtleness in pink.  Let's plant that small acorn (seed) and as it grows we'll watch hope subtlely multiply into His Magnificence through Christ. May Jesus touch a needing heart today.

Well our street car ride has ended.  I enjoyed it and I hope you did too. Ladies, it has been quite a ride!  Loved the company and you can keep the Hibiscus.

Visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for more of Pink Saturday

Blessings Terri


Blessings, Terri ~ Would love to hear from you! ~ comment, share, tweet, pin or post ;D ~~


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What lovely pink houses. I love and miss New Orleans. Happy Pink Saturday.

How blessed am be your first comment on your first pink Saturday! ( at least I think I am;). Welcome beautiful lady...and I know you are a beautiful lady. Only someone full of love and with God in their hearts can write like you.
Your trolley tour was lovely! I can't believe people actually get to live in pink dollhouses like that. I need to visit New Orleans!
Blessings, Suzanne

Julie Mogler

Beautiful Pink Saturday pictures!!! Happy Pink Saturday!!!

Linda Adams

Welcome to Pink Saturday Terri,Love those pink "gingerbread" houses. So glad they survived.

April Ortiz

LOVE the pink houses! I so want a pink house. One day!!! Thank you for sharing and welcome to Pink Saturday.


Thank you. How Sweet -- Yes, you know who is behind those words, not I. Have to go get a new mouse, mine keeps running of the screen, then gets stuck and won't come back. Frustrating! You were one of the first to respond, but not the first. I'm thinking of changing my blog settings to have the comments automatically publish without me reviewing them, is that what you do? Have a sweet Saturday as for me I'll be out until about 6:00. Blessings, but this is so much fun I don't won't to go; I want to stay and visit with everybody but I have to go for now. I'll look you up later when my new mouse gets here. I hope I get a wireless one. Mines ka-put

All Things Pretty...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! I love your post and pics... that Pink house is straight out of a story!


Terri, my oh my...what a beautiful blog, in pictures and words. Your light is shining brightly and in this world we all need that. Very inspiring. Have a beautiful day. Hope you will visit me at


I'll be sure and do that. I've got a commitment through the evening. Date with hubby -- cooking steaks and making outdoor fire in firepit. Looking forward to it. Got a computer mouse problem too, but taking care of it as well. I'll stop by tomorrow. And thank you soo very much -- words of encouragement from other makes both shine brighter


Hi Terri, Your post today is pretty in pink and fun too. You write in a lovely way. Welcome to Pink Saturday.
Hugs, Jeanne


Hi, Jeanne -- And how lovely you are to comment. Just got a new "wireless" mouse. SOOOO nice since I am left handed. just got it installed and compared to old one which has been giving me fits for days, so I am pleased. Calling it an evening. Plan on visiting tomorrow for a short while anyway. Hubby and I ate t-bones by our outdoor fire, with a glass of red wine, it was nice, and I am tired. Worked overtime today. Love ya Terri


Terri, I came back to tell you I live in Western Carolina in a small town, Franklin. I live 1/2 hour from Clayton, Ga. I love it here and wake up every day feeling blessed to have a lovely mountain view. My header is our mountain view. The rainbow is real.

Hugs, Jeanne


Oh, and yes, the photos are all mine. (one exception, my daughter's of her daughter falling in front of other princesses)


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